Win snowbell fell it's funny.
She always make us laugh.
She make the whole class laugh.
I like when she hangs and then sometimes falls.
We make a video about the face of the playground.
The deserts are hot.
The plants in the deserts needs water.
Deserts needs water because it needs water. The desert needs saned. Deserts needs plants.
the zoo wus FUN.
We eat popcorn.
We want to the farm.
We want to the train.
and we wus FUN.
The cow.
The Insects are small. And we foud a pupa and thay had mold on the apply. And thay was fare sleep. And thay are pretty and sweet and I found some dad skin. And that Turkish. And thay like to krooll. And thay shad thay skin.
The hot dogs are hot hot hot and hot the lemonade.




I want to be a fireman. and a snack shack person. I feel good about those jobs. I could sell snack shack for money. Then it would cost fiv dollars.
Figuring out the Jobs the filler for the blacktop didn't work, stakes around the grass were pulled out and some were taken, didn't have enough sealer. We bought deal
To finish the blacktop


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